Hyatt Regency Cambridge Wedding Ceremony Pictures :: Neeta + Rich (Part III)

After the getting ready fun which you can catch up on **here** and the super cute first look **here**, we had a little block of time scheduled to take some pictures of the family and wedding party before the wedding ceremony that would take place outside at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cambridge, MA.

More time to spend on your wedding day with your closest friends and family? More time to enjoy the amazing Indian appetizers at cocktail hour? Relaxed family pictures and fun with the wedding party? Yes please!

Some call me Leah Haydock, epic wedding photographer.
Others call me Leah Haydock, child whisperer:

As guests entered the courtyard of the Hyatt Regency for the wedding ceremony, they were invited to enjoy a glass of Mango lassi:

The music of Alla Breve signaled the start of the wedding ceremony (check out the sheet music on the ipad):

Rich with his brother John, sister Sherrie and groomsman Scott waited patiently:

Neeta walked down the aisle (her beautiful pink bouquet is by My Personal Florist in Reading, MA) and took her place opposite Rich as they prepared to say their vows. Rich looked straight at Neeta:

And Neeta looked right back, with the biggest smile ever:

The wedding ceremony included beautiful personal vows that Neeta and Rich had written themselves, they were heartfelt, touching, funny and very "Neeta & Rich". Special guest Liger watched his parents get married from a window in the hotel, there was laughter and just so much love:

And by the power vested in me by the state of my blog, I pronouce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride:

I think it's fairly safe to say that this is a picture of extremely happy newlyweds. I am having trouble deciding who looks the most happy:

If you come back tomorrow - not only will there be the most amazing first dance EVER but I'll also link you over to pictures from my second shooter, the most overqualified second shooter ever, that's all I'm saying :) And I'll have a list of all the wonderful vendors who made this wedding the great event it was. My editing speed directly correlates with the number of comments so feel free to talk back...

Update: if you'd like to see the wedding reception pictures click **here**

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  1. I made the blog again!! Yay! Thanks for taking my picture!

  2. Hi Leah! These are great! I'm really enjoying reliving the day through your blog. There are so many details I didn't even see at the wedding! It is so great how you captured them all! I LOVE how the emotion on everyone's faces really comes through in your photos. Rich and I love them all and we can't wait to put together our album! Which I think will be VERY hard because there are SO many amazing photos!

  3. Leah, these photos are making me cry!!! I almost started to cry when I saw Neeta for the "first look" photos and when we were reading our vows to each other because I was so happy and amazed! These photos are simply amazing. I can't believe I married the most beautiful woman in the world!

  4. Leah, every day gets better and better! Obsessed with your blog right now!!!