Kristine + Marc = Baby Matthew Xavier

I used to do a lot of family, children, newborn photography. Now, not so much. Weddings are where my heart is and between the client meetings, engagement shoots, weddings, editing and album design it doesn't really leave much time for anything else. Well, other than shoe shopping.

However, when I hear that one of my wedding couples are having a baby I'll often make an exception. I think at last count there are 5 babies on the way from the 2009 "Leah Haydock" couples (is it wrong that I think of them as my couples?!?)

So remember Kristine & Marc? They got married on 10.10 last year:

I remember the very first time I met them in Newburyport for coffee to discuss their wedding. Kristine arrived holding a very LARGE wedding binder and a tiny part of me thought "Uh Oh" here come the lists of 500 must-have shots you should DEMAND your photographer gets in 1 hour" but I couldn't have been further from the truth.

Kristine and Marc were the most adorable couple, so relaxed and laid back, and when Kristine told me that she trusted me to be "her eyes for her wedding day" I was so honored to document their wedding.

I photographed their engagement pictures at Salisbury Beach in May 2009 **here** and I remember them telling me that when (not if) they had their children they hoped to speak Portuguese to them. And I knew then that it wouldn't be long before I would be taking pictures like this:

Baby hands and feet kind of fascinate me, so tiny and perfect:

Matthew slept the whole time I was there, didn't matter if he was in Kristine's arms or Marc's, he was a chilled out little bean:

However, he couldn't resist my mad baby whispering skillz...Matthew - give me spirit fingers:

Matthew - show me your best opera singer impression:

Take it from someone who was allegedly bald until the age of two that this is a fine looking head of hair:

Mommy and Matthew:

I remember the very first time taking pictures of Kristine and Marc and just how well they fit together. Still the case...

Congratulations to Kristine & Marc on the new addition to your family! Matthew is lucky to have you two as parents :)


  1. Matthew is a cutie pie and very lucky to have these two loving people as his parents!

  2. Awwww.... love the close ups of fingers and toes! What a cutie! Congrats to the new proud parents!

  3. Thank you Leah! Gorgeous photos the proud grandmother from 3000 miles away realy appreciates these.

  4. Congratulations to the parents & grandma. Those are great pictures. May God bless this new family!

    Jim & Lucy Arial

  5. Oh wow!! Five 2009 couples?! Amazing. Congratulations the beautiful family!