Old State House Wedding :: Boston, MA :: Kate + Chris

So we're a little out of order here as Kate & Chris actually got married the weekend before Erin & Jeffrey and I was waiting for them to give me the OK to blog their pictures and so Erin & Jeffrey jumped the queue.

Anyhoo, the day before Kate & Chris's wedding (if you missed their engagement pictures you can check them out **here**), I attended their wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Good times indeed and I noticed signs all over the Old State House saying "no flash photography", I didn't think too much of this but as I was packing up all my equipment on Saturday morning I started to wonder if that applied to wedding photographers too! So in the interests of always being super prepared I left an hour early to make a stop at Calumet in Cambridge to pick up a couple of Litepanels just in case.

Luckily flash IS allowed (which was pretty vital as the ceremony was at 6:30pm with pictures afterwards) as long as you don't point the strobes at the art display cases but I still had a lot of fun with the light panels for some detail shots:

Kate's antique watch from her grandmother:

Beautiful earrings:

Kate and the girls got ready at Salon 2 in Boston. Lesley did an amazing job with hair and flawless make up was by the lovely Bridget Barrett of www.btwice.com:

And of course it wouldn't be a "getting ready" post without a shoe picture. And when the shoes are Salvatore Ferragamo well that's even better:

Chris is originally from the UK and he asked Kate to marry him whilst they were on a visit to London. Kate brought along a small Big Ben statue for me to sit the wedding rings on. Their wedding day was a gloriously sunny day but I found a rain-streaked window in the Old State House that seemed more fitting as a "London" back drop:

I ducked out of the Old State House to catch a few shots of Chris with his best man Jon, brother Andrew and dad Mike. The rather dapper outfit worn by Chris is by Charles Tyrwhitt of London:

Kate had some earring help from Maid of Honor, Keely:

Chris and the guys walked through Boston to the Old State House:

Once Kate was helped into her gown by her Mom and Keely, her father entered the room ready to walk his daughter down the aisle and this was his reaction:

Want to see the ceremony? With tears and everything?! The blog post is already written...shall I post today or tomorrow?

Oh and I got the nicest note from Kate after the wedding and I'm sure she won't mind me sharing it here:
Hi Leah,
We are just back from Rome. We were able to view the pictures in
Birmingham with Chris' mom, and we, absolutely loved them. I know we
have said it before but we are so incredibly lucky to have you. You
are so talented and all the photos are just stunning. I'm just getting
to my email now, but of course you can blog whatever you like. I can
not thank you enough for these outstanding pictures!
Have a great weekend, and I hope you get a little break from working
so hard soon.

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  1. gorgeous!! Love the pictures of the guys hanging out and the one of with her dad with her mom in the background is just tissue worthy...as of course the one when Kate has the trembling lip as she's walking towards Chris! It was an absolutely gorgeous day!!