Wedding at the Colonnade Hotel, Boston, MA :: Alison + Matthew (Part I)

As a professional wedding photographer you have to adapt to whatever is thrown at you on a wedding day, and sometimes it might include one or more of the following:
- Challenging lighting
- Restrictions on photography
- Less than stunning locations and venues
- Ill thought out timelines
- Unhelpful wedding planners or coordinators
- Unrealistic expectations
- Family drama and politics
- Drunk wedding guests

And it's all good. I truly love what I do, the day isn't about me and I'll do whatever it takes to get the amazing pictures my wedding clients are hoping for.

And as a professional wedding photographer, most of my weddings have lots of the following ingredients but it's rare to have ALL of the following:
- A couple so incredibly in love and just good together
- Two super close and welcoming families
- An amazing wedding venue
- A well thought out timeline in relation to guests and photography
- A brilliant wedding coordinator and banquet team
- Lovely wedding guests who are simply there to have a great time

Well, Alison & Matthew's wedding at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA was exactly one of those perfect weddings. EVERYTHING was just perfect. As I got into my car after a long but incredibly fun 12 hour day I sat for a moment in the carpark and thought about how lucky I am to have the wedding clients that I do and that I get to call this work.

Anyway, enough of me and my rambling. Let's get to the veritable FEAST that is Alison & Matt's wedding (and if you'd like to see their engagement pictures you can click **here**):

I think the Colonnade Hotel is officially my #1 Boston wedding venue. The wonderful team, the perfect location, the gorgeous rooms with plenty of window light for getting ready and mmm mmm mmm the food, if you're trying to figure out where to hold your Boston wedding you should make an appointment to see Krystyn asap. And then contact me to photograph it for you :)

I arrived at the Colonnade with plenty of time for detail pictures:

Dress preview:

Alison wore her Grandmother's earrings:

And it wouldn't be a getting ready post without shoes:

Patricia from Salon Matteo (617-696-9799)had already worked her magic with hair and Janice (Bobbi Brown at Neiman Marcus, Copley Place) was doing make up as the girls sat and watched. Of course when you have raw material like Alison your job is pretty easy but I have to say I LOVED the make up that Janice did. Super fresh and glowy and just gorgeous:

Alison helping her father with his tie:

The wedding rings were down the hotel hallway with Matt so I headed over (yay for getting ready in the same location):

Whilst Matt brushed and flossed and mouthwashed I took pictures of the wedding rings:

And then left the guys to finish getting ready in peace:

That's 18 little pictures I've given you a preview of and I don't want to make the loading time too slow so I'm splitting the post here and Alison isn't even in her wedding dress yet. Part II is already written and all I have to do is hit "publish" so if you'd like to see it this afternoon all you have to do is leave a little comment below and the most AMAZING pictures will be yours...

Just one more then. This picture KILLS me. As Alison was being carefully fastened into her gown by Taylor, her parents looked at each other like this:
I won't even attempt to put words to that look. Remember, more comments = more pictures...


  1. Wow Leah...each shot is better than the next! Holy crispness in the details and then just amazing use of natural light for the getting ready shots. :)

  2. More pictures please, stunning so far!

  3. Congratulations to Ali & Matt!!! Love you guys

  4. Lovely pictures! Cannot wait to see more.

  5. Awesome photos! more......

  6. Really beautiful! More please.

    Alisons Dad

  7. Great photos, Leah! I love, love the last photo! Can't wait to see the Alison's dress and more of the blue sky featured in the first photo.

  8. @Will You have made my day - thank you :)
    @Sarah T Thanks!

    To all of my anonymous readers - thank you for reading. I'm sure I'd love you if I knew who you were ;)

    @Mr P Alison tells me you have been eagerly awaiting the pictures. I've just put up part II especially for you! Lots more in the next few days.

    @Meg I know! They look like newlyweds! Here's hoping for blue skies for your wedding to Dave!

  9. These pictures portray in the most gorgeous fashion how I have been blessed with such an amazing family. What a day...! what a family..what a life to live !

    Auntie Janice