Indian Pond Country Club Wedding, Kingston, MA :: Caitlin + Micky (Part II)

Hello! Happy New Year!

As a general rule I'm not big on new year resolutions. I kind of think that if you want to make a change why wait for a specific once-a-year day? But I am thinking about committing to a more regular blog posting schedule in 2011. I'd love to hear your preferences in the comments...every Monday/Wednesday/Friday....every Tue/Thur/Sat? Yes - that means you!

Anyhoo, back to Caitlin & Micky's wedding at St Christine's Church and Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston, MA. Click **here** if you missed the beautiful wedding details and start of the getting ready pictures.

Caitlin and Micky opted to do a first look which was great for so many reasons:
#1 They got to spend lots more time together on their wedding day
#2 We did family pictures before the 5pm ceremony. Remember that it goes dark just after 4pm in the winter so it's nice to have some natural light for flattering formal pictures
#3 After the ceremony everyone could head straight to cocktail hour to enjoy the delicious appetizers and drinks
#4 With no need to keep Caitlin and Micky separate before the ceremony, everyone got to ride together on the trolley for good times!
#5 And of course we had more time for relaxed couples portraits. First looks rock!

Caitlin's family have a house on Humarock Beach and so we did the first look there. I usually find a good spot for the groom and then arrange for the bride to follow so I can photograph his reaction. After finding a nice spot in the shade for Micky, I went over to tell the trolley driver to bring Caitlin over. I looked back to see Micky obviously feeling a little nervous as he waited:

Caitlin wisely switched the Jimmy Choos for silver flip flops for the short walk on the beach:

I think it's fairly safe to say that Micky was a pretty happy groom...

Time to head back to the trolley:

Even though it was crazy bright out in the sun (I usually like to find some nice open shade for family pictures) we took some pictures out on the bridge overlooking the beach. Micky is from Northern Ireland and so he had a large contingent of friends and family fly over to celebrate his wedding to Caitlin:

Here's Micky with his son Conor:

We all travelled to the church together on the trolley and as we still had a little time to spare we hopped out once or twice for more pictures. It was pretty chilly on the bright November day and so Caitlin brought along a little faux fur jacket that not only kept her warm but also looked rather fabulous:

Caitlin and the girls:

And Micky and the guys:

The light was now nice and low and the glow from the church lights made a great backdrop for more family pictures. Caitlin with her parents and Micky with his aunt Mary:

I'll leave you with this last picture of Caitlin & Micky as the sun was setting. One of my friends was over this morning and as I was processing this picture she smiled and said "oh - that looks just like a Cinderella picture!"

Ceremony tomorrow and then the super fun wedding reception at Indian Pond Country Club which is an absolutely stunning wedding venue. Remember to leave your comments about my 2011 blog posting schedule ;)


  1. I vote for Mon-Wed-Friday. I usually check your blog at work on Monday morning :-O and love it when you've posted new photos. Or maybe you can blog every day?? Just kidding!!!!!

  2. Haha, I agree with Kaitlyn, every day would be awesome!! But since that wasn't one of the choices, I vote for Mon-Wed-Fri too as I usually check your blog during lunch at work for a little pick me up! :)

    PS. LOVE that last photo! What a beautiful sunset with the little sliver moon. So pretty!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the wedding!!

  3. I would love it every day, but I'll go with the majority here on Mon-Wed-Fri schedule since like the others I usually check it more often when I'm at work then at home.

    Great photos...going to check out the rest of them now! LOVE the last one too!!