Easter Wieners 2011

Regular blog readers might remember the Easter Wieners of 2010 or the Christmas Wieners from just a few months ago...this year was somewhat less successful ;) Let's just say that there's a reason I'm a wedding photographer vs. a pet photographer.

I probably should have just kept it simple as the bunny ears and antlers have worked in the past but I was tempted by these ridiculous blue and yellow Easter dog outfits with bunny rabbit tails and "snuggle bunny" appliqued on the back.

Issue #1 Wiener dogs have long little bodies and the fit wasn't so great. Here's Coco Chanel.

Issue #2 The Petco outfits were kind of lame and the ears wouldn't stand up so they looked like loser bunny dogs:

Issue #3 The wiener dogs are not particularly well-behaved. Tiger Woods doesn't understand that each lens has a minimum focusing distance and insists on sticking her nose in my lens resulting in blurry pictures:

Issue #4: Did I mention they don't follow direction well?

Issue #5 They don't really like wearing clothes. Here's Coco giving me her best sad face so I'll take the outfit off:

Issue #6 Tiger Woods is easily exhausted and had to lie down half way through the shoot:

This is probably the best picture of both of them. At this point Coco was point blank refusing to open her eyes.

Of course Mr H was in charge of dog wrangling so you'll see his hands and feet in the outtakes video below:

So there you go! Happy Easter! We're off to have a lovely Easter lunch with our almost-family friends. I'm brining these very cute looking little chocolate mousse egg shells except I think I messed up the quantities so it's kind of like a chocolate soup. Mmmm

Next week in honor of the Royal Wedding I will be blogging EVERY SINGLE day. And I'll be wearing my best hat throughout :)

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  1. Hahahaha!!! So freaking cute! I love Coco's "get this off of me" sad face! Hope you had a Happy Easter! :)