North Shore Engagement Pictures :: Katy + Sean

Did y'all have a lovely fourth yesterday? Look at that - I'm almost like a real American!

I had the craziest weekend - on Friday we bought a little summer house in Maine, on Saturday I photographed an amazing wedding at the Four Seasons Boston, on Sunday we attempted to buy all furniture and appliances for said house in 4 hours and Monday finished with an awesome day with friends - swimming, lobster, fireworks, good times :)

I'm just finishing up part II of Meg & Dave's wedding but I thought you might like some new content and so I'm sneaking in Katy & Sean's engagement photographs from a few weeks back. I previously did a teeny tiny engagement session for them last winter and if you missed it you'll find it **here**.

This time we met on a super hot sunny day with beautiful blue skies:

I'm keeping the chatter to a minimum today. I'll just say that I really really really like Katy and Sean, they're super easy to photograph, a lot of fun to be around and I'm almost dying of anticipation for the wedding later this month at Atkinson Country Club, NH:

Loving Katy's hot pink dress. She was totally cool with sitting in the grass in it too:

Sean looks at Katy like he's delighted that she's there, which is kind of how you want to be looked at I think:


Katy is a girl after my own heart with her matching nail polish. I am never happier than when I am wearing something matching - my flipflops to my shirt is big for me right now ;)

Rocks overlooking the ocean? Let's go stand on them!

Outfit change! Now would also be a good time to mention the ticks. I was just about to ask Katy and Sean to walk through a patch of grass when Sean mentioned that he'd heard a lot about ticks in our location. Literally as he said this I looked down to see my linen pants (so relieved they were cream colored and not black) COVERED in ticks. Ewwwww. Sean gallantly flicked them off. Needless to say we stayed out of the grass for the remainder of the shoot, I felt itchy for days afterwards.

Oh Katy, you're going to be a beautiful bride. For sure.

And I would hazard a guess that Sean will be a pretty sharp looking groom:

Recently I've been into naming my images. And if I had to name this one, I would go for "Katy and Sean are most definitely happy together"


And on the way back to the car I caught these:

Katy and Sean - thank you for being your lovely selves with your excellent clothing choices. Special thanks for the tick removal services - totally not covered in your wedding contract ;) See you again VERY soon......

Do you know Katy & Sean? If so you should totally click and like "Leah Haydock Photography" on facebook as that's where you'll see sneak previews of their wedding pictures including the photobooth pictures (more about photobooth madness later in the week...)

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  1. Gorgeous despite the tick problem you had! It didn't effect your work at all! You will LOVE the Atkinson CC! Gorgeous venue for great shots & super sweet people!