Newburyport Family Photographer :: Caitlin + Matt + Avery

Waaaaaay back in 2009 Caitlin & Matt were married in Rockport, MA and I got to photograph the whole wonderful day. In case you weren't reading back in 2009 (what were you doing?) then here's Matt & Caitlin out on the rocks (it was freezing, I could barely feel my fingers to press the shutter button on the camera) but Caitlin was a trooper in her wedding dress!

In 2010 Caitlin & Matt had a baby! And in 2011 I got to photograph said baby :) So here's Caitlin & Matt today with baby Avery:

I'm no baby expert, but Avery is the happiest smiliest little baby ever. Caitlin would plop her down somewhere and she'd giggle and laugh on cue into the camera. Awesome:

Baby feet are pretty cute, especially when you get a sense of how little they are next to Mom & Dad:

There was some extreme kite flying going on that day and it proved most interesting for Avery:

A rare quiet moment. I spend $$$ on Latisse to get eyelashes like Avery's:

We sat in the grass for a little while and Avery happily played with a flower, that is until she decided to try to eat it:

The sun was starting to do down and although Avery had been very patient for the last hour she was starting to get tired:

So we headed back to the cars, I like this one to end on:

Caitlin & Matt - it was SO great to see you both again and to meet Avery! She's adorable and I hope you like these preview pictures. Your full gallery is on the way....

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  1. What wonderful photographs, Leah! I especially love the one of the feet in the sand. And if I remember correctly, I have Caitlin and Matt to thank for finding you - our wedding wouldn't have been the same without them. I think they had Kristin (Local Color Flowers) as a florist and I found you through Kristin. So, a big thank you to Caitlin and Matt!!