I'm actually in the video today...just for a few seconds. Reviews of Leah Haydock Photography

Are you sick of hearing about me by now? If it's your first visit this week, it's video week on the blog:
- On Monday, we had couples talking about their favorite wedding photographs
- Tuesday was discussion about doing a first look
- Wednesday was all about what it's really like to have me as your wedding photographer

Today is a little more about how the whole process, why couples decided to get in touch with me as soon as they were engaged, how it's fairly painless having your picture taken by me ;) and how I'm magically EVERYWHERE on your wedding day (Ssssssh, don't tell anyone about my magic teleporting shoes). How I make people cry (in a good way)! I'm totally blushing at all the nice things they're saying about me.

True story. The original plan was to actually interview me once all the couples had been interviewed but it was a looooong day, they all had so much to say (love!) and by 4pm when I sat down for my interview with the awesome Long Haul Films team, my interview was a mess of me mostly giggling. Tom and Melissa could probably blackmail me with the outtakes. Don't worry, on wedding days I'm like a totally normal person but for some reason when you point a video camera at me I become super awkward.

Even my introduction was a disaster:
- "Hi, I'm Leah Haydock and I'm a Photographer." No, wait! Maybe I should do it differently. Should I say Leah or Leah Haydock? I don't want to be all weird and formal but they don't know who I am. But then again, this is my video.
- "Good morning, I'm Leah Haydock" Wait! What if they're watching this at night.
- "Hi, I'm Leah and today I'm talking about..." Oh, what should I talk about? Am I frowning? I frown when I'm concentrating. I'm really concentrating right now.
- "Hello, My name is Leah Haydock and I'm a wedding photographer" Ugh, that was awful. I sound like a newscaster.
- "Hi there, my name is Leah." Wait, is my dress riding up? I feel like my legs are all awkward
- "Hi....." OMG. Am I the worst person you've ever had to film? I bet you're happy I don't need a wedding videographer.
And it went on much like that.

Luckily (or perhaps just to put me out of my misery/awkwardness), Tom & Melissa thought that it made more sense for the short films to just have the couples talking about their experience so my interview was edited out. Hoorah! However they sneakily caught some footage of me saying hi/bye to everyone when they arrived and taking a couple of before and after shots for the awesome hair and make up team of Hair That Moves and Joya Beauty. So if you pay attention during this one, you'll see me for about 6 seconds in total :) Much like your wedding day...

If you missed the video about engagement pictures that's over on my facebook page which is **here**, hit LIKE while you're there :) I had 6 short films and only 5 days of the week but didn't want you to miss that one! Coming up tomorrow is a video about wedding albums. And then we're back to normal programming next week with a newborn baby shoot, engagement pictures and some fabulous interviews with one of my favorite Boston wedding venues, The Colonnade Hotel and the amazing florist Les Fleurs in Andover, MA and lots of other good stuff!


  1. The truth is that Leah was actually awesome on camera, it's just that her couples were even more awesome, so we ran out of time. And besides, would you rather hear someone talk about themselves or hear 8 couples all say how utterly amazing they are?

  2. This video week is absolutely my favorite. I may or may not have gotten choked up watching this video. Leah, you truly are the best.