Taj Boston Wedding Photography :: Daniella + Mark (Part I)

I've been trying to do my wedding blog posts in two parts but I think this one's going to end up as a three-parter as there was SO much going on :) In fact, part II is already written and ready to post so if enough people say hello in the comments, I'll put it up in just a few hours [it's nice to know I'm not talking to myself ;]

We started the day at Taj Boston. The Taj hotel is one of my favorite wedding venues in Boston. Paul and I were guests at a Taj wedding a few years ago and we were wowed by the food, the service and the beautiful surroundings. As a wedding photographer it doesn't get any better than the Taj - you're so close to the public gardens for family formals and Kim and Monique are an absolute joy to work with. Some details in the bridal suite: Wedding Shoes Bridal Suite Taj Boston Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Jeannie of www.jeanniev.com was the make up artist that made all of the ladies look even more stunning. Maricruz of www.maricruzhairstyles.com came up with beautiful up dos and soft natural curls for Daniella, the Moms and all of the bridesmaids: Wedding Updo Taj Boston Bridal Suite

Over in Mark's room it was bow-tie time:

Daniella toasted with her bridesmaids and then surprised them all with necklaces: Taj Boston Bridal Suite Wedding Photographs

Now would also be a good time for me to give a HUGE shout out and thanks to Emilie of Pink Orchid Weddings. Emilie somehow manages to be completely invisible yet everywhere at the same time. From pinning keepsakes on the bouquet, to handing out band-aids, making sure everyone was where they needed to be, even coming up with a pin to help close the buttons on Dani's dress - I highly highly highly recommend chatting to Emilie if you're looking for a Boston wedding planner/day of coordinator. Emilie helped Daniella across the street from the Taj to the Public Gardens for her first look with Mark. Yay for first looks!
- More time together on your wedding day
- You can really talk to one another which isn't possible in church!
- Relaxed family formals are done when hair and make up are fresh (awesome when it's a 90 degree humid New England day)
- You get to enjoy cocktail hour with your friends and family
- More time for pictures!!!
I'll be quiet now and let you see some of my favorites from the first look and couples pictures in the Public Garden (don't forget your permits people!):

Relaxed family pictures and exhausted ring bearer: Boston Public Gardens Wedding Pictures Family

One more of the almost-newlyweds, I don't think I've ever seen so much laughter between two people :) Bride and Groom with veil blowing in wind It was then time to drive over to St Ignatius Church at Boston College for the wedding ceremony, I'll leave you with this image of Daniella waiting to go into church: Want to see the ceremony at St Ignatius? Click **here**!!!
Want to see the reception at the Taj? Click **here**!!!


  1. These photos are gorgeous, Leah! :) I want more!

  2. can this count as 10 comments?? :)
    why are you SOOO talented!?? These photos are gorgeous, Leah!! So great working with you and thank you so much for such kind words in your post!

  3. Hi Leah! My sister lives in Boston. I'm in Ohio. I miss her a lot. I love viewing your images; they're beautifully and artistically composed, and they help me feel a little closer to my sister.

  4. LOVE them all, Leah! I've been eagerly awaiting your post with photos of Mark and Dani's wedding - so beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest! I'm making Mike look at all of these right now too!

  5. It's so awesome seeing the behind-the-scenes pictures. Part II please!

  6. You look gorgeous Dani! Mark so handsome! Congratulations!!!! Emily