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A few months ago I received an unexpected yet very welcome email that included the following question:

I'm working on a piece for Boston Weddings magazine about hidden photo gems (or unexpected places or locales in Boston) that make great wedding shots as chosen by leading wedding photographers in New England...Would you be interested in participating in this piece?

At first I was all...Do I want to be involved in a piece for one of the most well respected wedding magazines in New England? Umm, is it sky blue??!! Of course!

I have a gazillion interesting photo locations in my head when it comes to Boston...and then I got all...umm, I wonder if they sent this to me accidentally....leading wedding photographer in New England? Shucks :) After checking it all out I was delighted to work with Lindsay and Gina on the article.  I'll admit to totally over thinking it and sending in a pdf with maybe 10 of my favorite places with accompanying pictures and stories. 5 different image/locations were selected for publication. Here's mine :)

You should TOTALLY go pick up a copy (or three) of the magazine today. It's chock full of awesome articles and drool-worthy real weddings not to mention great interviews with my favorite bridesmaid store - Flair - and favorite cinematographers - Long Haul Films.

True story - we were in Maine this weekend and Paul asked me to pick up some razor blades before another of his business trips. I ran into our local CVS, spotted the magazine on the shelf and picked up a stack of copies to share with my 2013/2014 couples. Here was my conversation:
Cashier: Are you getting married?
Me (all excited): No, I have a couple of pictures in the magazine!
Cashier (disbelieving): Are you a....model?
Me: Ha! Nope, I'm a wedding photographer and one of my pictures was used in an article
Cashier (kind of confused now): So you just got married? And your wedding is in the magazine?
Me: Nope, I took the picture that they used in the magazine
Cashier:.......Why are you here?
Me (confused): Because my husband needs new razor blades?
Cashier: It's a Saturday. Why aren't you at a wedding?
Me: :)

Happy Tuesday!
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  1. It was so cool to see so many of our favorite colleagues featured in this issue! Congratulations! And love the exchange between you and the cashier in the store... sounds like you blew her mind!