Boston College Engagement Pictures :: Sarah + Ryan

I realized recently I've photographed quite a few weddings or engagement sessions of couple that either met at BC or at least one of them went there...
Danielle & Mark's wedding at St Ignatius
Kristin & Dan's wedding at St Ignatius
Mike went to BC and married Laura on Sandy Island
Katherine attended BC and will get married to Greg at the Boston Public Library next year
Hanna & Steve met at BC and will get married at the Taj next year (their BC engagement pictures will be up next!)

It seems like BC is not only a pretty awesome school set on a beautiful campus but it's also a great place to meet your future intended :) Sarah and Ryan met when they were both on a BC retreat.  As an icebreaker they were paired up and they had to find out as many similarities between them as possible...

Back at BC Ryan would ask Sarah if she had any plans to study later in the evening and they'd meet up in the library. They admit that looking back they must have been totally annoying as they'd meet up at "their table",  do an hour of study and then talk through the night in the library until 3, 4 and 5am sometimes.

As luck would have it there was a talk one evening called "Bring back the Date" - all about how students don't date anymore and how it's sad to lose old-fashioned courting efforts. Ryan explained to Sarah that his homework from the talk was to ask someone out on a date ;)

After they'd graduated Ryan knew he wanted to propose to Sarah and he couldn't think of anywhere more appropriate than the library where they'd first gotten to know each other and spent all of those evenings talking into the wee hours of the morning. The only problem was that it was Christmas and so the campus was closed. Multiple phone calls later and Ryan had a plan and access to the library

He convinced Sarah to go out for the evening and told her on the way home they'd be stopping at BC to meet up with an old friend who was only in town for the night. Sarah was all "But it's cold, I kind of want to go home..." but Ryan convinced her she'd be sad if she missed their friend. As Ryan led Sarah up the steps to the library and she saw the trail of rose petals leading to "their table" she realized what was happening.

Sarah said yes! They're getting married next summer at Willowdale Estate and I can't wait to photograph the day!
The light was fading quickly so we headed into Boston for a few more pictures after a quick outfit change.
I feel like I've been doing fall engagement sessions every night for the last month, sometimes it's fun to do something a little different. I might be the only one that finds this hilarious... I like the formal outfits with the pumpkins...thanks for humoring me Sarah & Ryan!
One last one as it got dark in the Boston Public Gardens and Sarah had to head back to study for her next exam (she's at law school):Sara
Sarah & Ryan - thank you for giving me a fabulous tour of Boston College campus. I hope you like this handful of favorites and I can't wait for May!

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