Newburyport Family Photographer :: Danielle + Kevin

It feels like it was only last year that Danielle & Kevin were married and had the most amazing reception at The Exchange Center in Boston (with a performance by Rene Rancourt no less!) but it was actually the summer of 2010!

Kaitlyn who was a little flower girl has now shot up in height and been joined by baby sister Dehlia so I was delighted to hear from Danielle & Kevin and to do some family pictures on the beach for them

Kaitlyn only has to look at Dehlia for her to start reaching for her hair and giggling:
Dehlia played with the sand (and may have tried to eat a little):
There are weird photoshop actions out there that people use to make babies eye "pop" with color. I promise you I didn't use any here! 
Kevin isn't the biggest fan of having his picture taken so he wandered off to the ocean with Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn - I can't believe how much you've grown up in the last 3 years!
These two are like twinsies with their freckles!
Kevin showing Dehlia the ocean or maybe just dodging the camera again ;)
Danielle and her girls
There's always time to play on the swings right?
I made Danielle & Kevin stop for a picture of just the two of them...
...before noticing the most beautiful light in the playground. This was the last image of the night
Danielle & Kevin (and Kaitlyn and Dehlia!) - it was so great to see you all again and to meet the new addition to your happy family! I'll be taking you up on your invitation to "pop in" to say hello next time I'm in Andover! I hope you like this handful of favorites - lots more on the way!

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