New Hampshire Birth Photographer :: Baby Henry

Over the last seven years I've photographed a LOT of weddings and many of those couples have gone on to have babies and I've been lucky enough to photograph lots of these adorable little newborns in their first few days of life - like these:
Baby Pictures
Boston Baby Photographer
Boston Newborn Pictures

However I've never photographed (or even been present) for an actual birth. Until a couple of weeks ago.

My friend Lindsay is also a photographer and lives close to me so we'll often meet up for breakfast. Lindsay was expecting her second baby (with her husband Josh) and she mentioned that she was thinking about asking her doctor if it would be possible to have the birth photographed. I was all "I would totally do that!!" and as there was still a few months to go we didn't really get into details other than it would be a scheduled C-section on April 1st and I was to stay above the drapes and not get any gory picture ;)

I figured we'd talk about details, pictures she wanted etc etc over one of our breakfasts. And then one Monday evening in March I got a text just before 9pm...
I'd just sat down to eat dinner with Paul who watched bemused as I ran around the house looking for memory cards and spare batteries before heading out to Elliot Hospital in Manchester, NH.

After a discussion with a friendly but very suspicious security guard in the ER ("There's someone coming up. She has some big cameras. She says she's supposed to be here.") I was finally allowed up to the maternity unit just in time.

Dr Leclair and the whole medical team couldn't have been more welcoming. And I couldn't have been more honored that Lindsay and Josh allowed me to be present for such an amazing event. I think one of the reasons I enjoy photographing weddings so much is that you have this huge range of emotions happening in one day - nerves, anticipation, happiness, joy. I'd have to say that a birth is like a wedding on crack - the nerves and fear are amplified and the joy was pretty amazing to witness. I'll admit to choking up a little behind the camera.

Lindsay kindly said I could share these pictures and so here are just a couple of my favorites of baby Henry's arrival plus a few from the next day when big brother Ollie got to meet Henry. Click play on the slideshow if you'd like to see more. Rest assured there are no super gory pictures :)

Walking to the operating room with Josh. Before I was a photographer I worked in the medical device world and spent quite a lot of time in the OR observing various surgical procedures which meant I was pretty confident I wouldn't get dizzy or faint!

Congratulations Lindsay & Josh!!! Baby Henry (and Ollie) are lucky to have you two as parents!!!

Click the little play button in the bottom left corner below for a short little slideshow:

Next up on the blog will be all sorts of interesting posts about wedding albums - the process, all of the options, sample wedding albums including...wait for from my parent's wedding album. You don't want to miss it! And I'll be photographing Hanna & Steve's wedding at the Taj next Saturday so we'll be back to our usual wedding programming soon!


  1. LOVE THIS!!! Especially love the shot of just Lindsay's eyes looking over, and dad with the baby in the portable bassinet. Great work... both of you! ;)

  2. Stop it, I'm going to cry! This takes me right back to the birth of our baby! So beautifully captured Leah!!