St Ann's Episcopal Church, Kennebunkport, ME :: Erin + Nate

Last month I photographed the sweetest elopement of Erin & Nate surrounded by just their immediate families at St Ann's Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport, Maine. Things couldn't have been more relaxed with Erin and Nate spending most of the day at the beach, coming back mid-afternoon to brush the sand off their feet and put on their wedding clothes. 

Erin's nephew was most impressed with her wedding dress (that was actually her "something borrowed" from her sister):

Before we made our way to St Ann's there was time for a quick picture with Erin's family dog Jack:  

The history of St Ann's dates back to 1883 and it's a beautiful historic chapel overlooking the coast of Maine.

Both Erin & Nate's families are incredibly musical and the whole ceremony was filled with music and singing, Audrey captured these pictures of everyone practicing!

With members of both families living all over the world it was really special for Erin & Nate to have everyone gathered in one place to celebrate with them.  Nate's father is a minister and so he was the obvious choice to marry them - both dads gave the "thumbs-up" which meant it was time for the ceremony to get underway:

As Erin's sister started singing, Erin's parents walked her across the lawn towards Nate: 

It was one of those perfect Maine summer days - not too hot, not too cool. It can be a little windy at St Ann's - something to think about if you're considering a veil! 

With Nate's father officiating, it was an incredibly meaningful ceremony with gifts signifying the challenges they'll face in their marriage, reading by their family members, tears and laughter, advice from both sets of parents and of course, more music! 

Married and sealed with a kiss!

Now this is the point where most couples hold hands and walk back down down the aisle together. Not Erin and Nate. This was the BEST alternate recessional EVER.

When I photographed Erin & Nate's engagement pictures they told me that they planned to walk down the aisle to "Higher Love". That didn't really explain the wonders that would happen!  If you can, I'd suggest you turn up your speakers and hit the little triangle to play the Steve Winwood song because then you'll almost feel like you were there:

Each family member had their own percussion instrument - woodblocks, clappers, shakers, maracas and the familiar taps and just like in the video above the familiar intro started up before Nate's brother belted out an AMAZING version of this song accompanied by Erin's dad on the drums. Everyone was dancing and singing and playing their instruments and it was so incredibly joyful and fabulous to witness. I had the song in my head for days afterwards! 

Musical fabulousness over, things just kept getting better when a bottle of Nate's homebrew cider was produced for a toast to the newlyweds:

Family pictures were up next, when you're accompanied by just your immediate families it's totally feasible to get a picture of everyone together: 

We then spent a little time taking pictures of Erin & Nate in the grounds of St Ann's as the sun started to set over the ocean:

Erin and Nate then met up with their families for a lovely relaxed dinner to celebrate their marriage:

Erin & Nate - thank you so much for choosing me as your Kennebunkport wedding photographer. It was absolutely lovely getting to know you both and such a joy documenting your wonderfully intimate wedding! Congratulations! 

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  1. BEAUTIFUL LEAH!!!! Thank you so much for being part of our celebration!