Wedding in Rockport, MA - Caitlin & Matt (Reception at Rockport Art Association)

We're back at Rockport Art Association for the wedding reception. If you need a reminder, click HERE for the most stunning wedding stationery designed by Caitlin, and HERE for some beautiful details and HERE for the ceremony and pictures of the super cool wedding party.

Hello delicious and lovely cake:

Announcing the new Mr & Mrs Annunziata:

Yay! We just got married:

First dance (don't worry, more dancing pictures coming up, but I like this one):

And then the toasts, first Caitlin's brothers:

Then the matron of honor, Ashley spoke beautifully about her long friendship with Caitlin:

Matt's twin brother and best man talked about how close they'd been growing up, how they'd become the Three Musketeers when he married his wife Renee and now that Matt has Caitlin they're the Fantastic Four:

Laughter (and maybe a few tears) during the toasts:

Caitlin's father spoke of how proud he felt just before he walked her down the aisle, and also of a sense of loss that she was no longer the little girl in the photo he's carried since she was tiny:

And the tissues came out:

Why eat cake off a plate when you can eat it off your wife's nose?

Ah ha, you see the picture below and you assume the DJ is perhaps playing Sweet Caroline? But you'd be wrong - how about Neil Diamond is actually singing it!

See - Neil Diamond* came over for a couple of songs and even posed for a picture with the bride and groom:

Much fun and hilarity followed at the reception. Matt & Caitlin met playing soccer (click HERE for their engagement pictures and the wonderful story of how they met), and their soccer team came to the wedding to celebrate. I felt a little guilty for being responsible for the willful destruction of such a lovely little bouquet....

I'll leave you with the dancing at the end of the night. Huge thanks to Matt & Caitlin's families for being so welcoming and lovely. Major appreciation to the amazing wedding party for rocking it out in 40 degree temperatures. Much love to Matt & Caitlin for being so in love (and so photogenic), for trusting me to do my thing and being thoroughly brilliant to work with, please call me to photograph any little Annunziata babies that may happen as I know they'll be stunning :-)

And keep holding onto each other like this:

Note to all brides currently planning: check out the amazingness (is that a word?) of the lighting in this location. Nice white ceilings always a great choice for bouncing flash. Anything you can do to add extra lighting interest is so great. Uplights are phenomenal (more on that coming soon), as are little tealight candles and twinkly lights. Matt spent hours at the top of a ladder wrapping vine wrapped lengths of twinkly lights around the exposed wooden beams - love it!

So many great vendor shoutouts at this wedding:
Loved the clean and simple lines of the cake: Lyndell's Bakery
Flowers were extremely elegant (sorry about the destruction of the soccer bouquet): Kristin Blackwell of Local Color Flowers
The piano was just perfect during cocktail hour: James Woolwine (
Makeup was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! MAC & Smashbox by Natalie Lelless( 813 404 2090)
A team of two super-stylists did hair for 12 if I counted correctly! Lauren Vears ( 617 309 0150) and Alice Johnson (617 350 7868)
*Neil Diamond Singer: Paul Grassia, Song Stylist "Diamond is Forever" (978 663 9903)

And saving the best until last: Videography by Mayer Video I've been thinking about a post on the pros and cons of videography. When it's bad it's horrible - video guy in all your pictures, huge video light in your face. When it's Mayer Video it's perfect - I cannot recommend Justin highly enough, here's his mini video of this fabulous wedding, easily the best videographer I have worked with in the last 2 years.


  1. That is not Neil Diamond

  2. Thank you Anonymous. You are correct. It is a Neil Diamond Song Stylist also known as Paul Grassia, his contact details are in the vendor list should you ever need a not-Neil Diamond at an event :-)
    Thank you for commenting! Over 600 blog readers each month - don't be shy!

  3. I forgive you for the bouquet distruction :)

    Pictures are amazing!

  4. OMG - love the angles on the cake shot, the bride looks amazing. looks like a fantastic wedding