Hyatt Regency Hotel, Cambridge, MA :: Boston Wedding Photographer :: Neeta + Rich (Part I)

Oh do I have a treat for you this's the wedding of Neeta & Rich and what a wedding it was! Oh the bright colors, the most amazing first look ever, the touching self-written vows, the "dancing with the stars" style first dance, the best Indian food I have ever eaten and SO much more.

But first, if you'd like to hear about how Neeta and Rich met, check out their winter engagement shoot in Newburyport **here** or their spring engagement pictures in Boston **here**.

I arrived nice and early at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cambridge, MA to take detail and getting ready pictures starting with the wedding invitation. I loved the bright colors at the wedding:

The room where the girls were getting ready was a blur of hair and makeup and nails and sandwiches so I stole away with Neeta's wedding dress and hot fushia pink shoes which I decided to photograph sitting at the top of the escalator. My creativity knows no bounds ;)

Hair was done by the super talented Kelly Bonica of Blondie Salon & Spa who gave Jill and Ruby the most comprehensive direction ever on how to remove Neeta's veil. Neeta was mostly smiling and laughing which is the best way to be on your wedding day. Actually other than the fact that she was marrying her best friend Rich, some of the smiling was probably due to having Christy Kahana from C.A.K.E Weddings as her wedding coordinator extraordinare.

Neeta and her bridesmaids had all had henna applied to their hands; Neeta explained that Indian tradition is to hide the initials or name of the future husband in the Mehndi design:

Speaking of Rich, he was in the next room getting ready with the groomsmen and his family, I'm loving his Mom and Sister helping him with his tie:

If you're a friend of Neeta & Rich or you read the previous blog posts, you'll be familiar with their pet Liger. I thought it was only appropriate to get a shot of Liger as acting CEO in the boardroom:

Love love love this picture of Neeta as she gets ready to put on her dress. Not sure if it's because of her little hand clap or the sparkle in her eyes. Flawless make up courtesy of Rose Ventura ( 617-959-2778)

Neeta stood very still holding her veil in the air as three sets of hands laced up her beautiful Maggie Sottero gown:

And that, ladies and gentlemen is all for today. 17 images as a preview of the fun ahead, I know, I know, I'm so mean. But if I posted 100 images today then a) it would take forever for the blog to load and b) it would all be over now and you'd have nothing to look forward to tomorrow.

If you'd like to see their first look in the Empress ballroom you can click **here**

Feel free to leave some blog love in the comments for Neeta and Rich. Neeta is probably my #1 blog reader and I'm going to be sad when she leaves me once I finish the wedding pictures....

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  1. Neeta. You are so pretty. That is all.

  2. Beautiful! Can't wait to see more. Neeta's make-up is perfection!

  3. Love the henna pix! You do torture us but then again its nice to see more every day

  4. Neeta looked beautiful! This was such a tease..I can't believe I have to wait 12 more hours.

  5. Great pics Leah! Can't wait to see the rest!!

  6. We love how you come up with the crazy stuff - a stuffed toy in a boardroom and pumps at the top of the escalator? That's why we hired you! Rebecca & Alan

  7. Awwwww!!!! Leah, all I can say is WOW!!!! Rich and I are SO excited and I can't believe how beautiful the photos came out! I can't wait for more! (You are so fast, I wasn't expecting anything for at least a week!)

    *LOVE* Liger in the boardroom! He's so excited he made the blog!

    And no worries, I have a feeling I will be reading your blog well into the future!

  8. These are great! Looking beautiful Neeta!

  9. haha--I was about to leave the comment that I can't imagine Neeta giving up on reading the blog just because she's a married lady...and there's her comment saying the same! *such* gorgeousness--I can't wait for the next installments. %)