Boston Winter Engagement Pictures in the snow :: Caitlin + Peter

Meet Caitlin. Caitlin had a good friend called Dan - this is not Dan in the picture ;)

Meet Peter. Peter had a good friend called Dan. Dan is also not in this picture:

Dan introduced Caitlin to Peter. Caitlin had a boyfriend so Peter refrained from making any moves. So Caitlin kissed Peter (after the boyfriend was out of the picture of course!). Fast forward through the first date watching You, Me and Dupree, discussions about the merits of Oprah, and other such fun. Peter asked Caitlin to marry him. And Dan will be in the wedding party. The End. Don't you love a story with a happy ending?

However, there is a serious issue with Caitlin & Peter's relationship...

I checked that Caitlin & Peter were comfortable about me blogging this and they thought it might help other couples in a similar situation...

And here it is....

Caitlin is a Jets fan and Peter loves the Patriots.

But they're working on it ;)

After the first six months of dating, Caitlin remembers telling a friend "it's just different!" Caitlin is a smart girl :) Peter is a lucky guy:

There was much laughing at our winter engagement picture session. We started out in the Back Bay, stopped by the Boston Public Gardens and ended up on Commonwealth Ave which seems to be the hot spot for engagement pictures at the moment.

Liking this one:

I asked Caitlin & Peter about what they like to do together and they told me about how they're happiest hanging out at home with each other and their crazy cats. Caitlin shared that they liked cooking together. Peter looked at Caitlin and they both started to laugh and then told me about a disasterous incident involving the magic bullet (you know from the infomercial?) and a fettuccine alfredo recipe of oil and cheese.

I can totally relate to this as Mr H. is frequently wowed by the informercials resulting in deliveries of large brown boxes containing such delights as topsy-turvy tomato planters, microwaveable pasta boats or my personal favorite, the slap chop.

The fettuccine alfredo was a disaster and they threw away the recipe book, but kept the page to remember.

Sometimes people get really upset if you stand outside their doorway. What's with that?

Caitlin and Peter waited patiently for the night to go dark so we could see the Christmas lights on Comm Ave:

All good things come to those who wait:

Caitlin and Peter will get married in July at The Henderson House in Weston, MA and I can't wait to be their wedding photographer:

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