Granite Links Wedding, Quincy MA :: St Francis of Assisi Wedding, Medford :: Lindsay + Matt (Part II)

Good morning! Did you sleep well? It's cold and drizzly outside my window but looking at these pictures of Lindsay & Matt's beautiful church ceremony at St Francis of Assisi in Medford, MA I am reminded how scorchingly hot it was. Like laying out on the beach hot. Like you're standing in front of a pizza oven hot. Like you're dancing on hot coals hot. I digress, but as I'm sure you can imagine, it wasn't a good hair day for me.

If you missed yesterday's getting ready pictures you should waste no time and catch up **here** and then hurry on back.

As the Rolls Royce pulled up Lindsay and her father were greeted by a row of bridesmaids:

Big smile on Lindsay's face :)

The flower girls came down the aisle with some gentle encouragement from their mommies at one end and a lot of coaxing from their daddies at the other. One little ring bearer decided to make a run for it and for a second it looked like we might have a flower girl hit the floor but after a little wobble all was good:

As the doors of St Francis of Assisi opened, a gust of air caught Lindsay's veil and something about the picture felt familiar. Then it hit me. This is Lindsay's "whooo hoooo!" excited kind of gesture. Check out the third image on **this** blog post from their engagement session at St Anselm

We could play a game if you like :) It's called "name the emotion" on Matt's face. Love! I'll just stop talking now and let the images speak for themselves:

I loved the color of the bridesmaid dresses - a sort of dark slate grey - I'm guessing there's an official name for that:

As I was off to the side of the church catching this happy look that Matt is giving Lindsay:

Julia Snider, who was assisting/second shooting for me, got this wonderful image from the balcony:

Happy vows and the exchange of wedding rings:

And by the power vested in me by the state of my blog, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride. Do you ever tire of me saying this? Because frankly, I still think it's hilarious. But I can stop. If you want me to.

We can play another game if you like. It's called "Guess how happy Lindsay & Matt are?" My guess is 11 out of 10.

Last one for this post....

Want to see the wedding reception at Granite Links? It was pretty awesome.....

I mentioned yesterday that if I got 10 new likes for my official Leah Haydock Photography page on facebook I'd post faster and I got 40 which is awesome! Not only can you tag yourself and friends in photos but you also get sneak previews of pictures before they even hit the blog....

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  1. Yea! Leah's back with awesome photos! I missed your happy addition to my day. Hope you and the pup are feeling better. No fun being sick in the summer when it's so fun to run around outside!
    Amazing photos... love, love, love the expressions on Lindsay's parent's faces in the last post and the last photo of the couple in the car is amazing! Can't wait for more!

  2. Oh Leah how I missed you so! These pictures are gorgeous!!! I also love the last one.. they just look so incredibly happy you can feel it...and the one with Lindsay walking into the church and her veil blowing is priceless :)
    So excited for next week!!! See you soon.

  3. Leah! I didn't think anything could top the first set of pictures... BOY was I wrong! You are amazing:)

  4. @Meg Yes I'm back!!! And after a couple of quick engagement session blogs your wedding is up next!!!!
    @Amanda 8 days. Thats's all. It's going to be fabulous!!!
    @Lindsay Wait until you see the reception pictures....:)
    Thank you all!

  5. I'm envisioning a sweaty mess of people dancing, pretending to jump rope, and using the bridesmaids bouquets as props. Oh yeah and maybe a couple cute ones of Matt and I ;) Can't wait!

  6. Ummm yep - but luckily your friends and family don't look too sweaty. The jump rope was AWESOME and yes, there was some willful but not malicious bouquet waving...coming soon....