Boston Harbor Hotel Wedding :: Our Lady of Victories :: Elizabeth + AJ (Part II)

If you missed part I then click on this link:
Boston Harbor Hotel Wedding Photographer and catch up on how Elizabeth & AJ's wedding fell smack bang in the blizzard of 2013!

The wedding ceremony at Our Lady of Victories had been pushed back from 3pm to 6pm and when the travel ban was lifted at 4pm it seemed like everything was coming together! The limo bus arrived at Isabella St full of guests only to find that the street had yet to be plowed. No worries! A thin path was quickly shoveled and we made it into the church.

You'd expect a lot of couples to be freaking out about the weather/changes in plans/snowy walk to church but Elizabeth and AJ couldn't have been more relaxed. As the wedding party made their way through 3 feet high snow banks, people living in the apartment across the street were cheering and shouting their congratulations:

Best man Mike helps AJ with his boutonniere (loved the anemones from Les Fleurs in Andover, MA):

And with that, we have a wedding about to happen people! A blizzard couldn't stop them!

With the blizzard and travel ban, my original second shooter hadn't been able to get into Boston. We have a great community of photographers in New England and I posted on one of our forums to see if anyone was available on Saturday who lived closer to Boston. The talented Johnny Arguedas agreed to shoot with me (and also spent almost 4 hours digging out his car and shoveling to get to the church on time!), Johnny got this image from the balcony:

More proof of the crazy snow banks:

Elizabeth and AJ decided to forgo riding in their private limo back to the Boston Harbor Hotel kindly suggesting it would be more comfortable for their grandparents. The next two pictures were taken on the limo bus, surrounded by friends and family sharing travel and weather stories, the newlyweds only had eyes for each other:

Back at the Boston Harbor Hotel, the Wharf Room was perfectly decorated and waiting for the wedding reception, some details and set up pictures:

Loving the black and white candy bar:

While I waited in the Wharf Room for the wedding party and Elizabeth & AJ to make their entrances, Johnny was outside with everyone. I have no idea what's going on here but I'm loving the interaction between Best Man Mike and Maid of Honor Audrey and Elizabeth & AJ in the background:

The wedding party made their way out first - bonus points for the snow angels entrance:

Introducing the new Mr & Mrs. Mansor:

Happy and proud parents:

Fabulous toasts, I especially loved Mr Arthur Senior :)

Heartfelt parent dances:

We snuck outside for 60 seconds of night time pictures on the harbor:

District 21 of Night Shift Entertainment totally rocked it out - amazing band - packed dancefloor:

And that ladies and gentlemen is it for this almost-spring like afternoon. I have a cute family session coming up next week and then it'll be Lori & Tom's wedding (which is happening next Saturday!) 

Elizabeth & AJ - thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. It was of the most memorable weddings I've ever photographed! The two of you were so incredibly relaxed, your friends and family treated it like the giant happy adventure it was and it was a honor to document the day. Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, health and happiness!

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I'll be back at the Boston Harbor Hotel three more times this year and I can't wait - it's such a beautiful venue and the whole team are amazing. Special thanks to Cortney and team who was amazing through this whole wedding! You couldn't be in better hands if you're planning a BHH wedding!

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