Relaxed Family Portraits :: Lauren & Aladin's Wedding

And I'm back! Did you miss me? Catch up on the getting ready shots **here** and the ceremony **here**. After the "bubble send-off" it was time to head to the beautiful courtyard of St Andrew's church for some quick and painless family portraits.

Some tips for those with upcoming weddings:
1. Make a short list of the must-have group shots, focus on groups that make sense (i.e. you can imagine them in a frame or in your album vs. endless combinations of every known relative)
2. Give the list to someone who actually knows the people
3. Tell everyone when and where the pictures will take place. Remind them that if they're on time we'll be done quickly and they can enjoy cocktail hour
4. It's helpful to choose a location a little out of sight of all your guests otherwise you'll have well-meaning paparazzi guests which will cause eyes to look in the wrong direction. Plus having to take each shot 10 times will delay you getting to enjoy that glass of champagne during cocktail hour...

Yay! We just got married:

The Miller & Milutinovic families were not only very prompt to the family portrait session, they were also very fun:

The newlyweds with Lauren's Mom and Sister:

With Aladin's parents and with his lovely grandmother:

Aladin and his sister Maja:

Julie told me that she never takes a good photograph. I beg to differ:

A timeless wedding party picture:

We then headed over to take photographs at the Inn at Pleasant Lake in New London, NH where cocktail hour was in full swing and the wedding reception was to be held. And I had a little time with the newlyweds alone:

Dress and wedding ring details:

The sun was still pretty high in the sky but the red barn was so beautiful as a backdrop:

Photographing a wedding is a HUGE responsibility (or at least I think it is!) unlike an engagement, newborn or family shoot not only do you have brief but very specific moments you HAVE to capture, you're also documenting an important event in family history. At the reception (coming tomorrow) there were framed pictures of Lauren & Aladin's family members and ancestors on the tables . Lauren's Mom along with her brothers and sister asked if we could recreate a family picture that they'd had taken as small children. Not only did we have a lot of fun doing it but I hope that perhaps Lauren & Aladin and their cousins may want to recreate this picture in 30 years when their children get married:

I'm not big into photoshop shenanigans but this amused me, here's the original on the left and the new version on the right:

And I'll leave you with one last picture of Lauren & Aladin:

Click **here** for the reception, toasts, the beautiful cake made and decorated by Aunt Beverly and Aunt Meg and the dancing! Don't be shy now - feel free to leave a comment - they make me post more pictures :)


  1. Post more pictures, please! :)

  2. The pictures each day keep getting better and better. I hope Kevin and I can photograph like these two. I love the recreation of the family picture, it came out amazing. Can't wait for more.

  3. Ha ha! Ask and ye shall receive! Lots more pictures to follow tomorrow. Before you know it there will be a Neeta & Rich wedding on the blog and less than a year for a Renee & Kevin post!

    Thank you for reading and the kind comments!

  4. Leah, these are amazing! Pretty much everyone in the family is saying they want a copy of the big family portrait.

    I've been enjoying your comments as well. It's always fun to get a view of the wedding from someone who hasn't been immersed in the planning for the last six months. :)

  5. Thanks Kathleen! There are about 4 or 5 different versions of the big family shot so people can pick their favorites. I just kind of liked this one with your uncle pulling faces!

  6. Leah! All your amazing pictures are distracting me from packing up the apartment! Seriously though, they're incredible. Thanks so much!


  7. Lauren - so glad you like them

    Beautiful bride + Handsome groom + Very much in love with each other + Lovely families happy to celebrate = Easy for me to take great pictures!

  8. Can you post the more serious photo of the family recreation photo?
    Jay Martin

  9. Hi Jay! All of the pictures will be in Lauren & Aladin's online gallery which will be up in about 2 weeks or so. Thanks! Leah