Newburyport Engagement Pictures :: Meg and Dave

"But wait!" I hear you say, "Who is this lovely child? Surely she's too young to be getting engaged?" Yes :) This is Ada and she is Dave's super cute daughter who joined us for the first half of Meg & Dave's engagement session in Newburyport. If you'd like to see Meg & Dave's mini-session pictures from the winter and read more about their first date in Starbucks you can click **here**
I adore the next picture.

I asked Ada to show me some of her moves and she happily complied - until her awesome little pink sparkly shoe went flying ;)

I know, I know, you thought this was an engagement shoot, I'm getting there. Wouldn't you have been photographing away if you had a subject as cute as Ada.

So after a little while we left Ada in the capable care of Dave's Mom Marilyn - it was remarkably cold in Newburyport despite the May date - and pootled around for some relaxed couples portraits:

As a photographer you get to glimpse into your subjects' lives and I can just see how well Meg and Dave fit together. They're so comfortable with each other:

There's also a lot of smiling:

And plenty of laughing:

And even some kissing:

We thought it only appropriate to return to the original Starbucks - scene of the first date:

Ada wanted to come out for one more picture:

And off they skipped into the sunset to live happily ever after:

Meg & Dave - you guys are SO great. I can't wait for your wedding at the Rose Garden in Lynch Park on June 4th! And Ada - it was a pleasure to meet you - I have a feeling that you will be the best flower girl in the world ever.

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  1. Leah! These photographs are absolutely incredible!! You've captured us so brilliantly. I love, love, love the shots of all three of us, especially the second one with Ada wrinkling her nose. We can't wait for June 4th either!

  2. Channing JohnsonMay 18, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    I love these. You're killing me with that last one.

  3. You are a genius, Leah! Meg, Dave and Ada all look wonderful. From Meg's Mom

  4. I love them all! The photos are amazing how well they capture their love and joy in one another. June we come! -- Meg's sister

  5. Kristin BlackwellMay 20, 2011 at 9:14 AM

    Amazing pictures! I can't wait to deck Ada out with her flowers- see you June 4th!

  6. The title of your novel should be "Capturing Joy" BRILLIANT!

  7. @Meg Thank you! You three were just too easy to photograph :)
    @Channing! Thank you! Totally unprompted from me - first Ada swung in the middle, then Dave, then Meg :)
    @Meg's Mom Can't wait to meet you on June 4th!
    @Meg's Sister Ditto!
    @Kristin Ada is going to make the most amazing flower girl - especially when you're doing the flowers!
    @Padre Thank you so much :)