Happy Halloween from the Hallowieners 2014

Yup - it's that time of year where I make our miniature dachshunds don their Halloween outfits and let me take pictures of them. It occurred to me that the dogs are actually 11 years old and they've never had hot dog halloween outfits...they've been...
Sharkwieners (my favorite!)

...and on other holidays they've been
Easterwieners (yellow bunnies)
Easterwieners (terrible bunny ears)

...so I figured 2014 would be the year of the wiener wieners :) Enjoy! We'll be back to wedding and engagement pictures in the next post!)

On the left is Coco Chanel and on the right is Tiger Woods (no she's actually a girl dog and yes she was named before Tiger's "indiscretions") 

The dogs aren't very fond of posing in hot dog bun outfits so Paul was my official dog wrangler:

I can take formal family pictures of up to 30 people at weddings each week and they're all looking at the camera and smiling but can I get the attention of 2 small dogs? No. 

Tiger decided to make a run for it:

We caught her and brought her back and she proceeded to ignore us:

Coco is only happy when she's sitting next to me or on my knee so being 4 feet away from me for pictures was torturous for her:

Have a safe and happy Halloween from the WienerWieners!

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