Newburyport Engagement Pictures :: Laura + Jay

Laura and Jay both grew up in the same town in New Hampshire where they attended different high schools. Over the years their paths crossed once or twice, at the gym and another time at a Christmas party…

After graduation, Laura went to school in Washington, DC and Jay in Maine. They crossed paths again during their first summer home from school and somehow got to talking about the kind of movies they liked.

Jay challenged Laura to sit through one of his favorite scary horror movies and Laura agreed as long as Jay sat though Stomp the Room :) They made it through their film marathon and this led to dating and then a long distance relationship. 

Fast forward to Jay deciding he wanted to propose to Laura. Jay was named after his grandfather who proposed to Jay's grandmother with an engagement ring that belonged to his grandmother (Jay's great, great, grandmother!). When Laura saw Jay's grandmother handing over a ring to Jay at a family gathering she had an inkling of what might happen next!

It seems that Jay isn't a big planner and so his sudden interest in making dinner plans only made Laura even more suspicious! Jay confirmed these suspicions when he not only proposed over dinner with his grandmother's ring but wowed Laura with a surprise party of their closest friends and family! 

I met up with Laura and Jay in Newburyport and it was one of those weird days where the weather forecast was perfect all week and then suddenly there were storm and rain alerts popping up. We crossed our finger and got lucky as the rain didn't come until just before sunset. So we stopped for a glass of wine and oysters :)

It seemed rude not to take advantage of the twinkle lights of the harbor

Laura and Jay - that was a lot of fun! I hope you like these few favorites of mine! Lots more uploading in your gallery as I write this blog post!!! I can't wait for your July 2015 wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel! 

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