Happy Halloween from the Hallowieners 2012

Happy Halloween!

Regular blog readers, facebook friends and real life friends will likely know that we have two miniature dachshunds. Coco Chanel and Tiger Woods (Tiger was named before the indiscretions of course). They're not really the kind of dogs that like to wear clothes except on major holidays.

Before we get to the 2012 Hallowieners, I would like to set the scene for this year's theme. I was googling "How to describe the theme from Jaws?" (bear with me, it will make sense in a minute)
- is it a duh-duh?
- or dun-dun?
- or du-du?
and I came across this most fabulous video. Please watch it (you'll need the sound up) and then have the music in your head when you look at the pictures below :)

Ladies and gentlemen...please let me introduce the 2012 Hallowieners...meet the WienerSharks...
I figured putting the shark dogs into water for pictures might be pushing it a bit so they were Land WienerSharks for the day:

My brave husband isn't afraid of any WienerSharks:

WienerSharks hunt in packs, each on the lookout for food:

WienerSharks are lethal predators. They're too mean and dangerous to smile for the camera:

These sharp-toothed WienerShark killers act in unison to bring down their prey:

WienerSharks silently stalk weaker animals:

Spotting an injured seal, the WienerSharks speed away to make a kill:

Happy Halloween!!! If you'd like to see more pictures of dogs in costumes, you can check out:
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And no costumes but snow dogs are cute too!


  1. THIS MADE MY DAY!!!!!


  2. Leah. I'm not sure if you remember me, you did some family pictures for my daughter (Swanson family) back in 2009. I still check in on your blog and I look forward to the pictures of your dogs each year! Your work continues to amaze me! Julie